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Colloidal Gold

Colloidal Gold 
8 oz. bottle

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From ancient times, gold has been one of the most prized of all substances on earth. It has been the possession of choice in times of trouble and chaos. It has been used as money from the earliest civilizations. It has been used to make gods to worship and jewelry to wear. It is used to seal the sacred vow of marriage and has sealed the fate of many nations. Gold has gilded temples, mansions and even gourmet food. 

For many years, gold has been used to preserve good health in the human body and mind. 

According to scripture, all of the vessels in the temple used to prepare and consume the sacrifice were made of pure gold. The priests, therefore, were steadily ingesting gold. We are not implying anything by this, necessarily, but the thought is an intriguing one. If you are intrigued by what you have read so far and would dare to explore further, follow these links to find out more.
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