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Colloidal Silver

colloidal silvercolloidal silver

We are here to offer you prime colloidal silver and colloidal gold, as well as a complete line of health food supplementations, including plant derived minerals, vitamins, and herbal formulas. Utopia Silver has been a well known name in colloidal silver and gold products since 1997 and will continue to give the best service detected on the Internet. Advanced Colloidal Silver is the modern version of mankind's earliest natural anti-microbial agent. We have advanced from using silver coins in the past to preserve milk and water to utilizing today's colloidal silver as a dietary supplement. Utopia Silver is a colloidal silver mineral supplement used to raise the body's immune system. Our product is a colloidal silver suspension of .9999 complete silver in de-ionized water consisting of approximately 25% ionic silver and 75% non-ionic colloidal silver particles.Did you know that our advanced Colloidal Silver, taken according to directions, contains less than one third the amount of silver allowed by the EPA. Utopia Silver’s suggested one-teaspoon a day portion carries approximately 100 micrograms of silver. The Environmental Protection Agency’s maximal day-to-day reference dose of silver is 350 micrograms. That equates to three and one half teaspoonfuls of our advanced Colloidal Silver.
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